Far From Shore - Memoir of a Shark Attack
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On August 26th, a day at the beach turned into terror for Jonathan Kathrein and for his family.  Mothers will relate to the worst nightmare becoming reality.  Surfers will relate to the thrill of the ocean.  Learn about Stinson Beach, where sharks and surfers share the waters of the Red Triangle.

Our story is a journey, with the unique perspectives of mother and son.  It’s a story of crisis, survival, determination, the power of love, and the importance of relationships - lessons we learned from the shark.

Learn how Jonathan faced the jaws of a shark, and how recovery brought strength and new perspectives to Jonathan and to his family.   Far From Shore is a story of family, faith, and friendships.   

                                    True story of a shark attack. 

“I sat at my brother’s bedside and shed silent tears. 

He could barely open his eyes, but he really opened mine.” 

                                                                     ~ Michael Kathrein

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